Nagini is the past Horcrux as shed, along with her passing lead to Voldemort’s finally overcome and you can passing

Voldemort avoided delivering Nagini into the missions immediately after he realized that Harry understood concerning the lifetime of his Horcruxes and you will is record all of them down, and you will placed her within this a boundary to keep one another their and you can his heart fragment secure, as long as the guy sensed she was within the chance of being murdered of the Harry. Voldemort try frustrated whenever Nagini are beheaded by Neville Longbottom having Godric Gryffindor’s Blade, in which he attempted to eliminate your from inside the retaliation.

Death Eaters

Nagini is actually aloof and you can indifferent on Passing People just like the a great whole, but both will be irritated from the them, since the she hissed angrily within their loud laughter at the Malfoy manor hence none of them took observe until Voldemort purchased the silence to possess their particular benefit. She greet Peter Pettigrew so you’re able to milk brand new venom out-of her fangs to make certain that it to be useful for their grasp, however, if not might have been grateful to help you take in any Passing Eater you to definitely their unique master enabled, due to the fact a kind of discipline because of their incapacity; Pettigrew, Dolohov and you will Rowle had been threatened becoming Nagini’s buffet in place of torture. Below Voldemort’s acquisition, Nagini ruthlessly part Snape during the a fatal venue, coping him a slow, incredibly dull passing. Because of this, and additionally one to she kept a lot more favour off their master than any of them performed, many of the Demise Eaters have been scared out-of Nagini to possess their own deadly and high pressure behaviour. Not surprisingly, none of one’s Death People have been aware just how much Voldemort respected Nagini over only pet, because Snape try surprised to learn Dumbledore simply tell him that Voldemort perform ultimately be worried to own Nagini’s safeguards.


Nagini try commonly used of the Voldemort to help you destroy others or even to throw away the deceased regulators. When you look at the 1995, he guaranteed Nagini you to she you certainly will eat Harry Potter immediately after he had killed him. But not, she is actually declined which whenever Harry escaped on graveyard soon following the hope was made. It actually was likely that Frank Bryce satisfied that suggested fate, in August 1994. Voldemort threatened Peter Pettigrew having getting provided to Nagini if Bartemius Crouch Snr managed to get in touch with Albus Dumbledore regarding the area about the brand new Triwizard Contest. Nagini along with attacked Arthur Weasley, but the guy endured the hits shortly after Harry had a plans of it, and then he is actually easily aided. Inside the meeting at Malfoy Manor, she consumed the human body out-of Charity Burbage immediately after Voldemort murdered their own. Later, whenever Antonin Dolohov and Thorfinn Rowle didn’t take Harry Potter and his awesome members of the family adopting the skirmish during the Luchino Caffe, Voldemort offered all of them an alternative in the way of discipline: getting punished of the Draco Malfoy’s Cruciatus curse or being killed and you may used from the Nagini. Following skirmish at the Malfoy Manor, Voldemort maybe bought Nagini to eat the fresh deceased corpse away from Pettigrew shortly after he was strangled to dying by his own enchanted give. Within the Battle out of Hogwarts, she attacked and you may murdered Severus Snape on the Shrieking Shack.


  • « Naga » is actually « snake » while you are « Nagini » is an effective « female serpent » when you look at the Sanskrit and you will « Nagin » mode « feminine serpent » in Hindi and you will Urdu. A mention of the Rudyard Kipling’s cobra emails Nag and you will Nagaina out of the publication, Rikki-Tikki-Tavi is referred to as Nagini in some translations.
  • An effective « Nagini » was also an one half-lady, half-snake animal that’s included in particular Indian mythology (perhaps a 1 / 2-serpent, half-woman animal named « Lamia »).


  • Nagini try according to Indonesian mythology.
  • Nagini’s person setting is actually represented from the Claudia Kim that is one of chief shed out of Great Creatures: The fresh Crimes out of Grindelwald.