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Futures contracts involve two parties buying an asset from or selling it to the other at a predetermined future price and date. This way, a trader can speculate on a coin’s price movements without holding it. There are no fees for depositing cryptocurrencies, but withdrawal fees vary depending on the specific cryptocurrency being withdrawn. OKX is one of the most used and trusted platforms in the crypto world, even though there are many other options. It offers a wide product selection and the lowest fees in the market.

Launchpads have been shown to provide higher-than-average ROIs for investors who get in early and sell at the right time. OKX is praised for the flawless trading experience it offers its traders with nearly instantaneous trade execution and powerful matching and trading engines, along with deep liquidity for large traders. Tradeable cryptocurrencies have over 23 base currencies to trade against, making it a truly diverse marketplace for traders and investors. This allows better arbitrage opportunities and diversification opportunities for traders.


For a more detailed and comprehensive view of OKX’s withdrawal fees, you can visit this website. OKX also has an active VDA asset license to operate in Dubai, followed by a much-anticipated proof-of-reserves release in early 2023. The exchange has also applied for a VDA license to operate in Hong Kong, which might open doors for new users. OKX has Anti-Terrorist Finance and Anti-Money Laundering implementations in place, adhering to global regulatory standards. While these indicate a level of transparency, OKX has gone a step further, noting that each crypto is deemed an asset and should not be termed money or currency.

  • Automated crypto bots have become valuable tools for experienced traders.
  • However, the crown jewel of the product is the detailed breakdown of vital statistics like PnL, win rate, and trading history, as this helps to ensure that customers do not follow unsuccessful traders.
  • However, the amount you can withdraw depends on the level of account and KYC verification you have provided.
  • Be sure to check out our dedicated OKX Web Wallet article to learn more about this powerhouse wallet.
  • OKX was founded in 2017 and maintains a headquarters in Seychelles, with additional offices around the world.
  • For users that are more risk-averse, OKX offers savings products-including stablecoin, Bitcoin, and other coins-in flexible and fixed variety.
  • Binance has a better selection of products and more features, while OKX excels in trading bots and DeFi integration.

As one of the biggest exchanges in terms of trading volume, OKEx is known as a ‘one-stop marketplace’ for cryptocurrency. It offers more than being a stop for spot trading and derivatives exchange. With margin trading, bridges, mining pools, a cloud service, decentralized options with OKExChain, loans, broker options, and so on, OKEx is one of the most versatile exchanges out there.

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In short, both OKX and Binance are suitable for any skill level, type, or size of trader. Binance and OKX have more similarities than differences regarding products on offer, capturing similar markets with a few notable differences. Advanced trading concepts and number of products/features can be confusing https://www.tokenexus.com/okex-exchange-review/ and overwhelming for beginners. There stop loss function doesn’t work 50% of the time, and it caused more than a dozen liquidations. I’ve submitted multiple tickets already, it’s been 2-3 months now still hasn’t gotten back to me. Don’t use this app/website if u don’t want to lose money buying crypto.

okex review


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